Monday, August 9

august 9th

"the hours fresh and tidal are the hours I want to hold in the palm of my hand, thank you, yes.
the gate I want to open now is the one that leads into the flower-bed of my mind, thank you, yes."
-mary oliver, "the return"

Saturday, August 7

august 7th

feel hungry.
feel like i`m gonna throw up.
give up.
watch Sex & the City and knit.

Friday, August 6

august 6th

it's all about: lowering expectations, and taking care of oneself.

Thursday, August 5

august 5th

there are days when getting even the simplest things done is complete joy.

Tuesday, August 3

august 3rd

I don`t know how I would survive this Texas summer pregnancy without these semi-daily trips to the river.

Monday, August 2

august 2nd

it was a good, then a bad, then a very good day.