Saturday, April 30

30 april


I gave up trying so hard, and just gave in to the way things are. It made for a much sweeter day.

Friday, April 29

29 april

Peace is every step. Believe it.


Thursday, April 28

28 april


held together by deep breaths, iced coffee, evening walks and hugs.

27 april


Tuesday, April 26

26 april


easing into this new identity. today, friends told me he looks like me. life feels rich, expansive. I'm a very lucky girl.

Monday, April 25

25 april


it rained. he is over the moon. life is sweet. (and the ungodly heat is made better by iced coffee.)

24 april


Friday, April 22

22 april


my life is quite simple these days: just do what's in front of you. simple, yet not easy. what's hard is resisting the urge to try to do more.

Thursday, April 21

21 april


we flew solo today. it feels like a fresh beginning.

Tuesday, April 19

19 april


she's leaving us tomorrow, who has been with us for all of his little life. one chapter closes, another one begins. on the cusp: trepidation, hesitation, excitement.

Monday, April 18

Sunday, April 17

17 april


so many people to love... and who love him. I can't wait to watch him develop relationships with the people who surround him.

Saturday, April 16

16 April


could not have been a better day for it. even if I did come close to swallowing a bee.

Monday, April 11

11 april


"every question in life is HOW, and every answer is DO." -karen maezen miller

10 april


i am so grateful for his wisdom and encouragement. as he said, I have to resolve to soften what is hard in my heart.

Sunday, April 10

Saturday, April 9

9 april


at first, I wasn't too happy to do it. but then, seeing him, eating curly fries-- I was pretty glad I did.

Friday, April 8

8 april

today, I have been both excited/pumped and overwhelmed/apprehensive about my life in the weeks to come. also, I've put my feet in the river.

Thursday, April 7

7 april


my glass--it is so full.

Wednesday, April 6

6 april


two days without sitting or writing. and what two days they've been. nice to know my practices will still be waiting for me on the other side.

5 april


I wasn't all that excited to go, but once we got there, I remembered how much I like this place.

Monday, April 4

4 April


The day started with a bang--literally. Then followed much wailing and nose-blowing, from baby and I, respectively. Evening quiet sure feels good.

Sunday, April 3

3 april


packing good snacks, getting in the car, changing landscapes: it's always been one of our favorite things to do. now, he gets to come along with us.

Friday, April 1

1 april


We were kept inside most of the day by the smoke of a nearby fire. I can't believe it's this hot already. I need a new plan, a better plan.