Sunday, June 19

19 june


First time making egg salad. First movie date away from the boy. First basil of the summer. First Father's Day.

Saturday, June 18

18 june


I was excited about cooking, but the unexpected dinner invite was equally, if not more, wonderful.

Tuesday, June 14

14 june


this time last year, we were in Paris.

Monday, June 13

13 june


I dropped the drama, eased into our reality, and we watched Pride & Prejudice all day. that was much better.

Sunday, June 12

12 june


thinking doesn't get me anywhere good. breathing does.

Thursday, June 9

9 june


The trick with really good days is to accept them as a gift without wishing too hard that they would happen everyday.

Tuesday, June 7

7 june


I became a bona fide adult today: I went to the dentist and had a crown put in.

Monday, June 6

6 june


I seem to be getting out of the habit. time to jump back in.

Friday, June 3

3 june


hot, tired, cranky, the both of us. at least, by the end of the day, we were both laughing.

Thursday, June 2

2 june


I hadn't given it much thought until this morning, but all of a sudden I got very, very excited for the trip. it's coming up so very soon.

Wednesday, June 1

1 june


he loves being outside. so do I. someday I'll gather the courage to brave the river.