Tuesday, May 31

31 may


it wasn't what either of us expected, but still it was absolutely lovely.

Monday, May 30

30 may


and there I was, in the middle of the day, sitting in the middle of my life, on the living room floor, smiling.

Saturday, May 21

21 may


we're all still here. it's good to be back home.

Thursday, May 19

19 may


when we can learn to be truly patient, we will have no more problems.

Wednesday, May 18

18 may


home away from home. getting us on the road nearly did me in, but the getting here went surprisingly well. thank you arcade fire and whataburger.

Monday, May 16

16 may


I'm giving in to the napping. he'll only be this small for a little while longer.

Sunday, May 15

15 may


being together is taking on a new meaning. change is good, but I often find myself missing the way we used to be.

14 may


as always, the sharing made me feel so much better about the way things are. and, there were cupcakes.

Friday, May 13

13 may


excited about: tomorrow, saturday morning, sharing coffee with my love and using my new polka dot mug.

Tuesday, May 10

10 may


the dentist appointment took way longer than I expected. all I thought about was getting back to him and snuggling in bed all afternoon.

in the evening: rumor of thunder, flashes of lightning, the merest splash of rain.

9 may


Sunday, May 8

8 may


first Mother's Day: me time!

Saturday, May 7

7 may


and we get a whole other full weekend day tomorrow! haven't had those--normal weekends--in years. looking forward to many, many more.

Tuesday, May 3

3 may


the whole time, all I could think about was how much I wanted to just come home and cuddle up in bed with my boy. that, and eat chocolate ice cream.

Monday, May 2

2 may


cool and wet. wearing handknits in may. making the last pot of lentil soup until october. tea & a scarf in the evening.